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Administrative Team

Michelle Rice - Principal 

Sandra Burns - Assistant Principal

Julia Zuniga - Assistant Principal 

Evelyn Mendoza - School Counselor 

Scott Talley - School Counselor 

Patrice Harden - Behavior Interventionist

Melissa Cardamone - Behavior Interventionist

Debbie Hall - Librarian 

Christina Getschmann - ELAR/SS Instructional Specialist 

Erika Sanchez - Math/Sci Instructional Specialist 

Ellen Luchak - Primary Instructional Coach 

Maria Davis - School Secretary 


Front Row: Julia Zuniga, Michelle Rice, and Sandra Burns 

Back Row: Patrice Harden, Evelyn Mendoza, Christina Getschmann, Maria Davis, Scott Talley, Melissa Cardamone, Debbie Hall, Erika Sanchez, and Ellen Luchak

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